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private investigators specializing in the forensic imaging and analysis of digital media  
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"How much will it cost?"

Expect to be quoted anywhere from two to five times as much as traditional private investigative services.  The simple reason for this is that the recurring costs are substantially higher. 

The tools, software suites that make it possible to analyze otherwise unmanageably large data storage devices, have to keep up with operating systems and applications which themselves are constantly being upgraded, and no one tool to date can accomplish all the necessary tasks.  The tools are complex with a very steep learning curve and thus require constant training.  Hardware, too, is costly.  While a general practice private investigator may be able to use a $1,000 camera for several years, a computer forensic examiner feels fortunate to get more than a couple of years out of a $3,000 desk-top computer (and even a small practice requires several).

This agency's base rate is $200 per hour plus expenses.  Before issuing a final quote, however, we will take the client's circumstances into account, and we offer a substantial discount to criminal justice agencies.  Work for private parties requires an eight hour retainer with a minimum of four hours billed.  We will bill for target media at our cost if you are not able to provide a suitable device.

Finally, we will consider pro bono work, particularly with regard to the safety of children under 18 years of age.

"How long will it take?"
This will depend on the size of the storage device(s), the material sought, and the depth of analysis required.  As they say, "It takes as long as it takes" and "You can have it done quick or you can have it done right."  To be accurate the process must be methodical.  Expect even a simple analysis to take at least eight hours.