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private investigators specializing in the forensic imaging and analysis of digital media  


Computer forensics - The recovery and analysis of data from digital media for presentation as evidence in criminal trials and civil court actions.

Security is the Antithesis of Convenience - Taking little time can save you a lot of trouble .

We subscribe to the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) Code of Ethics

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PI Licensing in Washington State

Not in Washington State? 

There are very few truly national private detective agencies, but nearly every state has a not-for-profit professional investigators' association.  Be sure the agency you hire is licensed as required in your state, and be very cautious of any agency that fails to publish it's location up front.  You should not have to ask what city and state their office is in.  Go through your state's association, or use the links below to find investigators licensed in your area.   



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