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Domestic Matters

While a competent computer forensic examination is expensive (anywhere from two to five times as much per hour as more traditional private investigative services), these costs may be justified in cases where there are questions as to the total value or location of community assets, questions as to a party's financial ability to contribute to the support of children, genuine concern over the safety of children, or other such issues. There are tactical legal advantages to having the examiner (or any investigator) hired by the client's attorney rather than directly by the client. (The investigator's work performed on behalf of the attorney becomes the attorney's "work product" and is not subject to "discovery" by the opposing party.)  Therefore, any efforts to secure evidence, including via computer forensic examination, should be initiated through the client's attorney.  This agency accepts such cases.

This agency also accepts examinations on behalf of parents and legal guardians regarding activities of chlidren under 18 years of age .



Washington is a no-fault divorce state.  Basically, all that is necessary for a dissolution is for either party to allege the marriage to be irretrievably broken.  "Factors such as adultery do not matter in determining property or custody issues" (research.lawyers.com).

A marriage, of course, must be based on trust. If the level of trust in the relationship has deteriorated to the point that one partner feels the need to have a private investigator look into the activities of the other, the relationship is in serious trouble regardless of whether or not the suspicions are justified. "Having proof" will not make any difference in the fact that the couple needs to either seek counseling or dissolve the relationship (in which case counselling is still highly advisable).  As noted above, computer forensic services can be costly.  In such cases, the money is better spent on counseling (either as a couple or individually) and/or legal representation.  If these same concerns surface in an engagement, the couple is probably not ready for marriage.  Again, personal counseling is strongly advised.  

Accordlingly, this agency does not accept infidelity investigations.  I do not want to take a client's money for something that will gain her or him no real benefit and may actually be damaging to her or his emotional well-being.